Radiation Litigation Radiation Lawsuits Price-Anderson Lawsuits Price-Anderson  Donald E. Jose, Donald Jose, Don Jose, Jose and Associates, Jose & Assoc.
Radiation Litigation Radiation Lawsuits Price-Anderson Lawsuits Price-Anderson  Donald E. Jose, Donald Jose, Don Jose, Jose and Associates, Jose & Assoc.
Radiation Litigation Radiation Lawsuits Price-Anderson Lawsuits Price-Anderson  Donald E. Jose, Donald Jose, Don Jose, Jose and Associates, Jose & Assoc.
Firm History
Jose & Associates specializes in Radiation Litigation – cases in which a plaintiff claims some form of radiation exposure harmed him or his property.  Managing Partner Donald Jose has been practicing this specialty for over a quarter of a century and has never lost a radiation case, wining more than 40 to date.  In fact, he has won 95% of all cases of all types (including medical malpractice, psychiatric malpractice, toxic tort, etc.) he has ever handled in his legal career.  For a number of years Mr. Jose taught a course in radiation litigation at the Harvard School of Public Health and for many years while he was in the United States Department of Justice, Mr. Jose taught litigation skills in the Attorney General’s Advocacy Institute as well as in the Agency Advocacy Institute.  Over his career Mr. Jose has received many honors including the prestigious John Marshall Award presented by the Attorney General of the United States for outstanding achievement in litigation.  After more than a decade of public service in the United States Department of Justice and many years of partnership in a 450 lawyer national law firm, Mr. Jose established his own firm in order to more efficiently practice law and serve clients.  A detailed Resume, Client List, Representative Publications, and Media Sources are included for further information.
Firm Philosophy
We believe in making the maximum effort to win a case at the minimum cost to the client rather than following the normal philosophy of other firms.  Almost all large and mid-size law firms follow the golden rule “keep all billings in-house” which any client can confirm by simply examining how many times the bill from one law firm includes work done by a lawyer from a different law firm.  This “golden rule” increases the firm’s “gold” distributed to the partners at the end of the year.  In other words, it puts more money in the pockets of the partners and creates a conflict with the best interest of clients because the best lawyers for a particular case are not always working on that case.  The team of lawyers assigned to a case is drawn only from the lawyers available in the firm and expertise outside the firm is ignored.  This can be particularly harmful to a client in a very unique and sophisticated field of law such as radiation litigation.  For example, a certain lawyer may have expended an enormous amount of hours learning enough about a certain expert to effective exclude him before trial or cross-examine him at trial.  This proven expertise is lost to the client unless he happens to have hired that particular law firm.  Another firm will attempt to “reinvent the wheel” before they will add that outside lawyer to the trial team when that particular expert appears in their case.  Experts from the scientific fringe all too often are not handled most effectively simply because the most experienced counsel with a demonstrated record of excluding or cross-examining that particular expert resides in a different law firm.  The same situation exists with certain esoteric scientific or legal issues.  Jose & Associates has had more experience winning radiation cases than any other law firm in the country and we do not seek to enrich ourselves by not using lawyers from other firms.  We believe each radiation case should be staffed with a team of lawyers drawn from the national pool of lawyers who have demonstrated competence in this specialized field.  We believe lawyers can be temporally added to the trial team at any time to deal with a particular expert or issue they have successfully handled before.  Additionally, a local lawyer should be a member of every team in order to effectively deal with local procedures and customs.  Jose & Associates serves as lead counsel to set the strategy and coordinate the work of all lawyers on the team.  Our ability to do this is demonstrated by our litigation track record.    
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Mr. Jose knows, and has worked with in some capacity, virtually all lawyers in the nation who have worked on radiation cases.  He can and will assemble a team for any particular case from the best radiation litigation lawyers in the nation.  In this way, clients of Jose & Associates have virtually unlimited resources available to them in the defense of their important case.